Finding The Best Handheld Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


Homeowners with hardwood floors are a special kind of breed. We suffer through hours of difficult clean up, especially if we have dog or cat hair floating around. Sometimes, typical vacuum cleaners tend to throw the grit about instead of actually sucking it up.

And let’s not forget about the edges by the wall–it’s almost impossible to get that area dust and dirt free. Thankfully, there is a great solution if you’re suffering like the rest of us. All you need to do is buy a nice handheld vacuum cleaner.

A Handheld Vacuum? Really?

Yes, really. Today’s smaller units no longer suffer from suction issues of the past and they have become incredibly versatile. Actually, many smaller handhelds beat their bigger siblings when it comes to power–and there are a few other advantages to consider.

1. Cordless!

This is a great option if you want to clean up fast without the cord getting in the way. These battery powered units are surprisingly lightweight and powerful. You can’t get this with an upright.

2. Adaptable!

Clean Hardwood FlooringBy adaptable, I’m referring to the amount of surfaces that a small hand vacuum can clean. Sure, they make a great vacuum for hardwood floors, but they also are easy to use on your couch and chairs and other furniture, the stairway, and any other elevated, hard to reach areas.

My dogs sleep on my comforter. No need to haul it to the laundromat since I can use my small portable vacuum to take care of all the shedding they left behind.

3. Attachable!

By far, my favorite feature is how these vacuum for wood floors now come with hose extensions, a variety of nozzles, and even wand attachments. You can carry the cordless machine in one hand while walking around your house getting every nook and cranny your hardwood floor has.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner For Your Specific Needs?

Everybody’s situation is different. If your current unit is working for you, you might not need a handheld–but odds are, your vacuum is leaving a lot to be desired–and also leaving dirt and hairballs behind, too. If so, there are a variety of considerations when choosing which handheld vacuum to buy.

Do you plan on using it for extended periods of time (corded) or just as a short finishing touch (cordless)? Do you plan on using it to clean a variety of surfaces and areas, especially your hardwood floors (multi-functional with attachments) or simply to hit the couch and drapes a couple times a month (basic unit).

Although a basic unit will be slightly cheaper, the great news is most handhelds are extremely reasonable in price and have so many benefits over traditional vacuums. There really is no reason why you couldn’t spend a few more dollars to get one that has all the bells and whistles. You might be sorry when your pet decides to shed ten pounds of fur on your couch and you don’t have the best attachment for the job.

For me, I have a huge area that is hardwood. I never thought I would use my handheld unit so much until I started using it! Typically, I will run around with my upright vacuum then break out my smaller machine to finish what the big guy left behind.

You’d be surprised. With all the additional uses, and the ability to clean my entire hardwood floor, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

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